6 reasons companies benefit from using staffing firms

Staffing firms are an invaluable tool for businesses

Many companies in Jacksonville and throughout Florida are unsure of what staffing firms do and why they should enlist the help of one in order to fill empty positions with competent workers. Continue reading


How to deal with a lengthy hiring process

Alluvion Staffing offers pointers for job hunters

Times have changed in the job market. If you’re currently looking for a job, you may have noticed that the hiring process is much longer and more complex than you originally anticipated. Today, you rarely see job applicants walk into a 20-minute interview and walk out with a full-time position and a salary. According to Forbes, the average interview process length in the U.S. is 22.9 days, almost double the length of the process in 2010. Continue reading

4 myths people believe about using staffing firms

Staffing firms are an asset to job seekers and employers alike

While on the job hunt, in North Florida, common phrases uttered include: “I’ve looked everywhere,” and “There’s nothing out there for me.” But how many of those people have really exhausted all of their options, including the use of a staffing company? Many recent college grads and seasoned employees have no interest in registering with a staffing company because of the negative preconceived perceptions they have about them. Continue reading

Making a career change is now easier than ever

In the past, many people worked at one company – often at the exact same job where they started – and stayed until retirement, even if they were unhappy in that position or with the company. Today, rarely is anyone stuck in a position they’re unhappy with, job-wise. It’s now easier than ever to take your skills to another company or to go back to school to develop new skills and change careers at any point in life. Continue reading

Job opportunities available around every corner

They say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, which is a great reminder as you live your life outside the 9-5 and outside the office. While venturing outside the office, you might be surprised by what job opportunities you can stumble upon without really trying and by connecting with people outside of job boards.

We compiled a list of six ways that job opportunities may arise from everyday life experiences, especially when you least expect them. Continue reading

Merger sharpens the focus on staffing firm’s scope

We are excited to announce that three successful staffing companies have merged to create one of the largest Northeast Florida-based companies to serve the needs of clients and place talented candidates in desirable positions. Through the merger of Alluvion Staffing, Reichard Staffing and RDW Professional Staffing in June 2014, the new Alluvion Staffing will create a better workforce for its clients as we place candidates in open positions. Continue reading