Merger sharpens the focus on staffing firm’s scope

We are excited to announce that three successful staffing companies have merged to create one of the largest Northeast Florida-based companies to serve the needs of clients and place talented candidates in desirable positions. Through the merger of Alluvion Staffing, Reichard Staffing and RDW Professional Staffing in June 2014, the new Alluvion Staffing will create a better workforce for its clients as we place candidates in open positions.

David Reichard launched Alluvion Staffing in 2000. The following year, Sean Reichard, David’s brother, founded Reichard Staffing. Then, in 2014, Sean joined forces with Jacksonville, Florida, businessmen Robert Davis and Macky Weaver to form RDW Professional Staffing.

That year, the strategic partnership between Reichard Staffing and RDW Professional Staffing gained a number of large clients and placed more than 350 candidates in employment positions.

As Reichard Staffing and RDW Professional Staffing grew organically, the companies made efforts to grow their staff to accommodate their large and ever-expanding customer base. One way to do this was through a strategic merger. During the process, Alluvion Staffing’s name kept coming up as a company with which the men were already familiar, with a good work ethic and customers and clients who were pleased with the company’s work. Reichard Staffing and RDW Professional Staffing’s merger into Alluvion seemed like a natural fit. It was an added bonus that all the partners already knew each other and worked well together.

Through the merger, Alluvion Staffing has created a larger organization with more depth and diversity for its clients and candidates.  Our four partners will serve as managing directors, working full-time in the company, as each has a knowledgeable background in the various industries in which we staff. This is a key component to our success; we know exactly what it takes to place a particular candidate in any given position.

Stay tuned to our blog and sign up for alerts to be notified as new positions come available.


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