Job opportunities available around every corner

They say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, which is a great reminder as you live your life outside the 9-5 and outside the office. While venturing outside the office, you might be surprised by what job opportunities you can stumble upon without really trying and by connecting with people outside of job boards.

We compiled a list of six ways that job opportunities may arise from everyday life experiences, especially when you least expect them.

  1. Think of every person you meet as a potential employer or coworker.

Carry business or calling cards with you as they can come in handy when you strike up a conversation with your seatmate at the airport as you fly from Jacksonville, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia or the person in line ahead of you at Starbucks. Sometimes those lighthearted conversations can lead to big payoffs including possible jobs.

  1. Connect with people from your past; attend your high school reunion.

That 10-, 20- or 30-year reunion might actually be beneficial for you to attend. You might be friends with some of your high school classmates on Facebook, but you most likely aren’t connected with them in a professional manner. Maybe she’s looking to launch a company, he’s a hiring manager or someone’s spouse knows of an opening. Reunions are great ways to connect with people on more than just a superficial level.

  1. Volunteer.

Human resource managers like to see that you spend time outside the office in ways that positively impact the community around you. There are instances when your volunteer work can lead to more, like a position on the board of directors or an opportunity to connect with others who may know of upcoming job openings.

  1. Talk to family.

Make sure your family knows that you are open to finding new opportunities. This includes letting them know what your background is and the types of jobs you might be interested in. They are great resources within their own companies and can also meet people through networking events, traveling or even in line at the post office.

  1. Register with a staffing firm.

A staffing firm can highlight your successes as an employee and as an individual, which can make you more confident throughout your active and inactive job search. Staffing firms help their clients enhance their careers and develop their skills.

  1. Take a class.

Taking a class at a local college or through an online program to refresh your knowledge base can be appealing to employers as it shows your willingness to learn and to enhance and hone your skills. Similar to connecting with people from your past and at the airport, taking classes can open doors and lead to job opportunities.

These six tips are great ways to continue to market yourself for the newest and best opportunities for your line of work. You may find a job when you least expect it, which is one reason why networking and staying active are key parts of employment success, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and talk to people.

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