Making a career change is now easier than ever

In the past, many people worked at one company – often at the exact same job where they started – and stayed until retirement, even if they were unhappy in that position or with the company. Today, rarely is anyone stuck in a position they’re unhappy with, job-wise. It’s now easier than ever to take your skills to another company or to go back to school to develop new skills and change careers at any point in life.

One resource for those looking to switch jobs is staffing firms. Staffing firms help bring together those looking for jobs and new opportunities with the businesses that are hiring. These agencies make the hiring process easier for both the employee and employer.

Many dream of developing new skills in order to switch careers or to start a new career in a field for which they have passion. Now, no matter what age you are, that dream can be a reality.

One convenient way to enhance your skills or develop new ones is to take college courses online. Online colleges offer flexible schedules for those who are too busy to attend traditional classes, so it’s perfect for someone who is already working or who has a family and wants to develop skills for a different career path.

Local community colleges have made it so college classes and the development of skills is more readily available to everyone. There is no age limit on development, so even those with more life experience can go to school and acquire new skills to follow their career dreams. There are also websites that can help you locate the closest community college to you.

Another option for those who are looking to make career changes is starting your own business.

In a recent Marketplace Weekend podcast, Peter Cappelli, a professor of management at the Wharton School, noted that it’s now easier than ever to find the capital and employees to start your own business if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

If you’re nervous about starting your own mom-and-pop store, one way to achieve it is to open a franchise location. Owning a franchise offers you the stability of knowing that the franchisor runs an exceptional company while allowing the franchisee (you) the freedom to own your own business.

There are many different ways for you to develop yourself and change careers, so don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and reach for your dream job.

Contact Alluvion Staffing so we can help you find job opportunities today in Jacksonville, North Florida or throughout the country. Our staffing specialists are available to help talk through your career goals – especially if you’re looking to transition to a new career with a well-established company.


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