4 myths people believe about using staffing firms

Staffing firms are an asset to job seekers and employers alike

While on the job hunt, in North Florida, common phrases uttered include: “I’ve looked everywhere,” and “There’s nothing out there for me.” But how many of those people have really exhausted all of their options, including the use of a staffing company? Many recent college grads and seasoned employees have no interest in registering with a staffing company because of the negative preconceived perceptions they have about them.

For those in the staffing industry and those who regularly see success from using staffing firms, these preconceived perceptions are frustrating to hear. According to the American Staffing Association, more than 90 percent of companies in the U.S. use staffing firms to find people in all their employment ranges. In addition to that 90 percent, 40 percent of employees used staffing companies to find their first jobs or to help them re-enter the job market.

Don’t let other people’s poor understanding of the facts fool you. Here are four very common myths people hear about using staffing firms:

Myth 1: Staffing firms will only help me find a temporary job, not a permanent position.

Reality: There are real and permanent positions available through staffing firms with local and nationally known companies. Companies budget to hire a specific number of full-time employees per year, and included in that budget is funds to hire some temporary staff through the year. When the company decides to change that temporary position to full time, you’re already prepped to interview and receive the offer to stay.

Myth 2: Staffing firms only work with entry-level candidates.

Reality: Where that may have been true 15 to 20 years ago, specialty firms today help place professionals at all levels.

Myth 3: My temporary assignment will only last a few weeks at the most.

Reality: Assignments can last from a single day to nine months. If you wind up liking the company and do a great job, you could receive an offer for a full-time position. The benefit of temporary assignments is that you can figure out what you like about several companies in a small span of time. After a few months, you’ll have a better feel as to what kind of work you like to do and what you’re looking for in an employer and a long-term position.

Myth 4: There are no benefits with those temporary jobs through staffing agencies.

Reality: Benefits are incredibly important to have, especially if you’re a recent graduate and were kicked off of your parents’ insurance upon graduation. This myth isn’t necessarily true. It depends on the staffing agency, but several offer benefits like any other company, including medical/dental, 401K and paid holidays.

As you can see, staffing firms aren’t what they used to be. They are an industry of their own and offer a foot in the door for many careers that are too good to pass up.

If you’re a recent college graduate or unemployed with no sense of what you want to do, don’t overlook a staffing firm. You don’t want to pass up on a resource that could help you land your dream job or even help you figure out what that dream job is. At Alluvion Staffing, we mostly handle long-term, contract-to-hire and permanent placement. Call us today at 904-296-0626 so we can help you find that next great job.


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