6 reasons companies benefit from using staffing firms

Staffing firms are an invaluable tool for businesses

Many companies in Jacksonville and throughout Florida are unsure of what staffing firms do and why they should enlist the help of one in order to fill empty positions with competent workers.

Staffing firms provide a service that matches corporate clients with job seekers who have the proper skills and qualifications to meet labor needs. Many staffing firms specialize in a certain industry, such as IT or skilled labor, to provide companies with the most qualified candidates. Companies may need to work with multiple firms in order to meet all of their needs. If your company is looking to hire talent, a staffing firm might be the best option for your needs.

Still unsure as to why your company needs to hire a staffing firm? Here are six ways your company would benefit from working with a staffing firm:

  1. Access to large networks of skilled candidates

Staffing firms have recruiters on staff who have well-established networks of passive and active job candidates (passive candidates are employed whereas active candidates are currently seeking work) and are constantly connecting with new talent in order to find the perfect fit for clients.

  1. Time saved

Instead of spending hours of your already busy day posting job openings to different websites, combing through resumes and trying to schedule interviews with potential candidates, a staffing firm will handle everything so you can take care of business as usual.

  1. Money saved

When the staffing firm – not the business using the firm – hires temporary job candidates, the business doesn’t have to provide benefits to those temporary workers and the temporary workers can be contracted as needed with no 40-hour workweek commitment.

  1. Try before you buy

The temporary employees provided by staffing firms give businesses the chance to try an employee out before offering him a full-time position. This allows a business to see if someone who is otherwise qualified will fit into the corporate culture of its office and mesh well with other employees.

  1. Staffing firms know your industry

Many staffing firms specialize in a certain industry. These specialized firms understand your industry and know exactly what kind of candidate your business is looking for and what skills she will need in order to excel within your company.

  1. Positions will be filled quickly

Staffing agencies have a large pool of talented job seekers at their fingertips, so staffing firms are able to provide your business with skilled workers more quickly than you would be able to by waiting for the right candidate to find you.

Whether you have a small business or a Fortune 500 company, staffing firms are an invaluable tool for you to have on your side.

Let our experts at Alluvion Staffing help provide your business with the right candidate for your IT department to help your business grow and achieve results. Call us today at 904-296- 0626 so we can find you qualified job candidates and follow us on Facebook.


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