7 ways you’re sabotaging your job interviews

Interview mistakes can ruin your chance of being hired

Though the hiring process in North Florida is now taking longer than ever, it means you have more time to prepare for an upcoming interview. It also means that, as a job candidate, you need to be at the top of your game for those first and even second interviews with a company. A successful first interview means a call back for a second interview or being hired for a job right away.

The interview is a key part of the hiring process, and many people don’t get the job because of how the interview went. We compiled a list of seven common gaffes to avoid as you prepare for a job interview.

  1. Not having an elevator speech
    Most interviewers will ask you some variation of “tell me about yourself.” This is your chance to explain to the interviewer what value you will bring to the company and should only be 20 to 30 seconds long. The elevator speech is persuasive and sparks interest in you.
  2. Too many long pauses
    While thinking over an answer is always a good thing, taking too long (longer than 10 seconds) creates an awkward pause in the interview. This can signal to the interviewer that you’re unprepared or unable to handle stressful situations.
  3. Being too proactive
    Job seekers are often given the advice to submit an application and then follow up with a phone call, but in fact, an unannounced phone call is never a good idea. A follow-up email to a hiring manager is a much better and far less obtrusive choice that will still get you noticed – in a good way.
  4. Letting the employer know you don’t live locally
    Many recruiters won’t consider candidates for positions if they’re not currently local. If you’re planning to move to a new area, try to have a local address for your resume, as long as you can afford travel lodging prior to moving.
  5. Not speaking clearly
    Mumbling or tripping over your words during an interview tells the interviewer you’re shy, nervous or apprehensive. Make sure your speech is slow, steady and clear so your point is self-evident and you come across as confident and self-assured.
  6. Not looking the interviewer in the eye
    Looking the interviewer in the eye when she’s talking shows respect. If you’re unable to look her in the eye, it gives the impression that you’re either uncomfortable talking to her or being dishonest.
  7. Having too much energy
    Showing that you’re excited about a job opportunity is one thing, but nervous energy is another story entirely. Tapping your fingers, bouncing your legs or constantly shifting in your seat gives off an unprofessional vibe and shows you’re unable to sit still. If you can’t sit through a 30-minute interview, how can you make it through client meetings and an eight-hour workday?

The more you interview, the more confident you become. Consider having someone close to you do mock interviews with you so that you feel more at ease and can tackle any number of questions thrown your way by the recruiter or hiring manager.

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