3 tips every hiring manager should know before the first interview

There’s a lot of advice for interviewees and job candidates out there, but there are few resources available for hiring managers as they look to fill positions within their companies. Staffing firms can be a great resource for hiring managers as they are able to provide constructive feedback throughout the process.

As a hiring manager, here are three ways that you can ease the interview process along:

  1. Be clear

Hiring managers need to be clear and concise about what they’re looking for in a job candidate who is looking to fill an open position. Hiring managers need to have a set description of the job they’re hiring for as well as specific qualifications they want to see in a potential employee. If you’re unsure about the specifics of the job you’re hiring for or what qualifications you would prefer in a candidate, not only will you be wasting your time, but the candidate’s time, as well. Take the time to work with current company executives to develop the best job description that fits your company’s needs.

  1. Be prepared

Make sure to memorize or have a list of written questions handy for each interview. Awkward pauses and stumbling over what to say looks just as bad – if not worse – coming from the interviewer as the interviewee. Not only does it make you appear unprofessional, it may also turn off well-qualified candidates.

When the time of the interview comes, don’t keep the interviewee waiting for too long. Show that you respect his time just as much as he respects yours.

  1. Know your candidates

It’s just as important for the interviewer to prepare for the interview as it is for the interviewee. Study the resume and cover letter of the person you will be interviewing. Don’t spend time during the interview trying to read a candidate’s resume to come up with questions about her background or qualifications. It can be difficult to remember details about candidates if you’re interviewing many at once, so try to have notes jotted down about each candidate so you can quickly refer back to them during your interviews.

Staffing firms can help

Consider taking some of the burden off of yourself and your team by partnering with a staffing firm that can help you find the perfect candidate to fit your needs.

Connect with Alluvion Staffing through LinkedIn or by phone at 904-296-0626 to start finding the right candidates to grow your company.


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