4 ways to think outside the box and get hired

Alluvion Staffing shares unusual ways job seekers find their next jobs

Getting hired for a job isn’t as easy as it once was. Today, if you’re looking to land a job, you’re likely competing with other fully qualified individuals who are doing many of the same things you are during your job search and interviews. In this competitive job market, sending a follow-up thank-you letter or email just might not cut it anymore.

Here are some of our favorite creative and out-of-the box ways that people get hired for their next jobs:

  1. Put together an infographic resume.

One simple and effective way of demonstrating your creativity to a recruiter is through your resume. Infographics are excellent marketing tools that job seekers can use to make their resumes stand out. These resumes are easy to create if you already have a LinkedIn profile: You can simply convert the data into an infographic using free online tools such as Re.Vu or ResumUP. While having a tasteful infographic version of your resume is great for networking or follow-up meetings, many recruiters prefer a traditional resume, so you should always carry a copy of each.

  1. Create a presentation.

In addition to your resume, it may also be helpful for you to create a slideshow presentation highlighting your qualifications and experience. A presentation may give you the opportunity to display any previous work samples, client testimonials or awards and recognition that may otherwise go unnoticed by the recruiter. If you decide to create a slide show, make sure you make it visually appealing and use plenty of pictures and logos, not just words.

Some job applicants have also had success submitting short videos explaining their qualifications, skills and interest in the job. Creating a video will definitely make you stand out as a candidate since very few job seekers use this medium when applying for positions.

  1. Share your marketing plan.

If you have a unique and innovative marketing plan, you should always share your ideas far and wide – especially if you’re struggling with networking. If you have a clear marketing plan and know exactly what type of company you want to work with, someone you meet may have a connection to a job that would be a perfect fit for you.

  1. Post a billboard.

Times have changed: You no longer need to be a millionaire or a supermodel to see yourself on a city billboard. While you certainly shouldn’t feel the need to post multiple billboards, a tasteful and professional billboard ad can definitely make you memorable.

For more information to give you a boost in your job search or in staffing your company, share your information and resource needs with Alluvion Staffing.


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